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The previous year’s great success here received an immediate revival, with some cast changes.

There were sixteen performances in the season as a whole - six of Don Giovanni, and five each of Faust and Otello - the last week in Edinburgh.

w/c 11 May Thu 14 May Faust; Sat evg 16 Don Giovanni;

w/c 18 May Tue 19 Otello; Wed 20 Faust; Thu 21m Don Giovanni Thu 21e Otello Fri 22 Don Giovanni Sat 23 m Faust Sat 23 e Otello

w/c 25 May Mon np; Tue 26 e Don Giovanni; 27 Wed Otello; 28 Thu Faust; 29 Fri m Don Giovanni; Fri e Otello; Sat 30 m Faust e Don Giovanni

Performance Cast

Montano predecessor of Otello in Cyprus

William McCue

Cassio Otello's lieutenant

David Hughes

Iago Otello's ensign

Peter Glossop

Roderigo a Venetian gentleman

John Robertson

Otello a Moorish general, Venetian Governor of Cyprus

Ronald Dowd (May 19, 21)

Sergio Barlottini (May 23)

Charles Craig (May 27, 29)

Desdemona Otello's wife

Luisa Bosabalian

Emilia Iago's wife and Desdemona's companion

Laura Sarti


John Lawson Graham

Lodovico envoy of the Venetian republic

Harold Blackburn

Performance DatesOtello 1964

Map List

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

19 May, 19.00 21 May, 19.00 23 May, 19.00

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

27 May, 19.00 29 May, 19.00

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