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Opera Scotland now recommends websites that we feel would be enjoyed by visitors to our site. Check them out!

The distinguished expert on opera, Derek Watson, holds evening classes called 'Introducing Opera' in Edinburgh each year, along with other courses listed on the website www.introducingopera.co.uk.

Music Co-OPERAtive Scotland (or McOpera) was set up by musicians from the Orchestra of Scottish Opera in spring 2012 to generate a diverse range of new opportunities during the part of the year when they are not employed by Scottish Opera.

NOISE (New Opera in Scotland Events) was founded in 2011 to develop the audience for contemporary opera in Scotland - for information about Sloan's Project and Hirta see thier website here.

The Wagner Society of Scotland is active at www.wagnerscotland.net. The Society has an active programme and holds interesting events that attract an attentive audience.

Opera Bohemia is a young Scottish company, brimming with talent and with a declared aim to bring opera to the new generation.  Visit them here.

The greatest website for theatre history (including opera) is surely the Arthur Lloyd Music Hall and Theatre History Forum http://www.arthurlloyd.co.uk/

Check out the website of composer Sally Beamish (Monster, Hagar in the Wilderness) here. 

Find out about composer Julian Wagstaff (The Turing Test, Breathe Freely) here.

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