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Faust 1905Moody-Manners Opera Company

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Faust was staple repertoire for the major touring companies, and the leading singers took the major parts on a regular basis. However, in addition to Moody and Manners themselves, these casts show some younger artists with important careers ahead of them, including Lewys James and Olive Westwood.

The Glasgow cast for 18 October is drawn from a programme in the Mitchell Library collection.

Performance Cast

Faust a learned doctor

Wilson Pembroke

Méphistophélès the devil

Charles Manners

Valentin Marguerite's brother

Lewys James

Wagner a student of Dr Faust

George King


Fanny Moody

Siébel a student of Dr Faust, in love with Marguerite

Olive Westwood

Marthe a neighbour

Maud Baker

Performance DatesFaust 1905

Map List

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

13 Mar, 19.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

18 Oct, 19.30

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