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Bohemian Girl 1891Carl Rosa Opera Company

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While singers may have become bored with the continuous repetition of standard works, there can be no doubt that they provided a good steady income. Some, like John Child, Josephine Yorke and Aynsley Cook, sang these roles regularly for years. For Alec Marsh and the ladies on the spring tour, such performances may have been more of a rarity. In the spring season, Bo Girl was also in the repertoire of the second Carl Rosa team, Marie Roze's Carmen company, and their performances in Edinburgh and Glasgow were in consecutive weeks alternating with the main group.

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Performance Cast

Arline Arnheim's daughter

Amanda Fabris (Apr 1)

Georgina Burns (Nov)

Thaddeus a proscribed Pole

John Child

Count Arnheim Governor of Pressburg

Alec Marsh (Apr 1)

Bowman Ralston (Nov)

Devilshoof leader of the gypsies

Aynsley Cook

Queen of the Gypsies

Helen von Doenhoff (Apr 1)

Josephine Yorke (Nov)

Florestein nephew of the Count

Rhys Thomas 2

Buda Arline's nurse

Annie Cook

Production Cast


Claude Jaquinot

Performance DatesBohemian Girl 1891

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

1 Apr, 19.30 14 Nov, 00.00 20 Nov, 00.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

28 Nov, 19.00 3 Dec, 19.30

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