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Born Berlin, 4 March 1936.

German composer and pianist.

Reimann is the most prominent living composer from Germany, as well as being a noted accompanist, working regularly with Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau towards the end of his career. Several pieces have been performed in major houses. However none has yet shown sign of entering the general repertoire. The subjects of his operas are extremely ambitious, generally drawn from acknowledged classics. These include Shakespeare and Euripides (twice). 20th century masterworks adapted include Strindberg (twice), Kafka and Lorca. By comparison, Yvan Goll, the source author for Melusine, does seem a bit obscure. The only work produced by a British company, so far, is Lear, staged in London by ENO.

Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:

01   Ein Traumspiel (Kiel 1965) (Henius)

02   Melusine (Schwetzingen 1971) (Henneberg)

03   Lear (Munich 1978) (Henneberg)

04   Die Gespenstersonate (Berlin 1984) (cpsr & Schendel)

05   Troades (Munich 1986) (Albrecht & cpsr)

06   Das Schloss (Berlin 1992) (cpsr)

07   Bernarda Albas Haus (1992-98; Munich 2000) (cpsr)

08   Medea (Vienna 2010) (cpsr)

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