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Roles in Scotland

Ruggiero Provost of Constance
Jewess 1915
Silvio a villager
Pagliacci 1915
Vincenzo Gellner of Hochstoff
Wally 1919
Wally 1920
Anckarström friend to the king (Renato)
Masked Ball 1920
Mercutio friend of Roméo
Romeo and Juliet 1920
Clifford a young Cavalier, in love with Mary Wolfe
Puritan's Daughter 1920
Marcello a painter
Bohème 1920
Wolfram von Eschenbach a knight and minnesinger
Tannhäuser 1920
Danny Mann a boatman, devoted to Hardress
Lily of Killarney 1920
Giorgio Germont Alfredo's father
Traviata 1920
Valentin Marguerite's brother
Faust 1920

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