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From the Naked Opera website:

Naked Opera was created to present classical music in imaginative ways for 21st.century audiences, without diluting the excellence of the product. We felt that although the music industry was generally very well marketed, the exception was the classical sector. We believe that too many people still think of classical music as “not for me”, when in fact it can speak to everyone – it’s exciting, it’s passionate, it’s emotional, it moves you as no other art form can.

Our first venture was a modern-dress production of William Walton’s comic opera The Bear. Designed to appeal to both opera virgins and seasoned queens alike, the production was highly acclaimed during a UK tour, while the marketing strategy attracted audiences of which 40% consisted of first-time opera-goers.

Combining musical experience with experience in the business world, we decided to form Naked Operations Ltd. as a profit-making company. We have deliberately avoided the more conventional option of creating an organisation with charitable status, relying on grant funding and having limited development potential.

Within a year of its formation, Naked Opera has been the subject of a television documentary and there are plans for another film of our work. We have also developed a number of business-related packages innovatively promoting business entrepreneurship through music.

In 2004, we released an eponymously titled CD, the first of a series which will also include Sweet Disorder and Between Friends. Plans are also under way for a series of Liederfilms, visual accompaniments in contemporary settings of the greatest German songs of the Romantic era.

Source: http://www.nakedopera.com/aboutus.htm

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