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Orphée aux Enfers 1967Sadler's Wells Opera

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This lively and irreverent staging, that first opened in London on 17 May 1960, stayed in the Sadler's Wells repertoire for a couple of decades and was regularly taken on tour during that time. While Orpheus and Eurydice were played by several singers over the years, Eric Shilling must have performed the role of Jupiter dozens of times. The character of Public Opinion in the French original is here renamed as Calliope, mother of Orpheus, and therefore a source of further friction with Eurydice. The production also created named roles for nearly every member of the chorus - a substantially longer cast list than the original.

It was one of a group of three Offenbach productions which were recorded in highlight form by EMI and which were reissued on CD.

Details taken from a programme in the OperaScotland collection.

Performance Cast

Calliope Muse of Poetry, mother of Orpheus

Anna Pollak


Kevin Miller

Eurydice wife of Orpheus

Iris Kells

Pluto Lord of the Underworld

Emile Belcourt (Nov 10)

Dennis Brandt (Nov 15, 18)

Chloe Orpheus's girl-friend

Anne Wilkinson

Calliope's Chauffeur

Gerald Holding


Marie Robinson


Peter Tracey

Cupid Venus's son, the God of Love

Erica Johns (Nov 10, 18)

Elinor Dark (Nov 15)


Phyllis Glavin

Jupiter Father of all the Gods

Eric Shilling (Nov 10)

Derek Hammond Stroud (Nov 15, 18)

Juno Jupiter's wife

Sheila Rex


Margaret Eales

Vulcan Venus's husband

Douglas Stark


Valerie Robinson


Elvet Hughes


Norma Kubel


Lydia Conway

Mercury Jupiter's messenger

Brian O'Keeffe


Michael Chattin


Arthur Thelwell


Jane Whitehead


Malcolm Hoskinson

Bacchus god of wine

Christopher Beeching

John Styx the dead king of Boeotia

Rowland Jones

Cerberus the three-headed watch-dog of Hades

Paul Janssen

Peter Garrett

Donald Solomon

Lift Man

Elvet Hughes

Performance DatesOrphée aux Enfers 1967

Map List

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Nov, 19.15 15 Nov, 19.15 18 Nov, 19.15

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