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Tales of Hoffmann 1956Carl Rosa Opera Company

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One of the most highly esteemed British films in the years after the war was the treatment of Tales of Hoffmann by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, with a soundtrack conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham. It is hardly surprising that the Carl Rosa company should take advantage of this to put on a show which would be more adventurous than the usual Saturday evening "pop".

What was even more praiseworthy was the fact that, under the guidance of conductor Arthur Hammond, an acknowledged expert on French opera of the period, an attempt was made to restore many of Offenbach's first intentions, which subsequent editors had adjusted after his death. Thus Guiraud's tedious recitatives were jettisoned in favour of the original dialogue; the acts were at last played in the correct order, with the Giulietta act following the Antonia act. Furthermore, an attempt was made to tighten the structure by having Estelle Valery now sing all four heroines, Arthur Wallington all four villains, and Edwin Jepps the four servants. The Barcarolle was sung by two anonymous voices instead of the rather illogical combination of Giulietta and Nicklausse. Perhaps the only problem dramatically was still the issue as to whether Nicklausse is the Muse of Poetry - in this case they were clearly two separate personages.

Scottish tour dates in addition to Dundee are still to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Stella an opera singer

Estelle Valery

Nicklausse Hoffmann's friend

Mona Ross

Hoffman's Muse

Valerie Griffiths

Lindorf a councillor of Nuremberg

Arthur Wallington

Andrès Stella's servant

Edwin Jepps

Luther an innkeeoer

Basil Hemming

Nathaniel a student

Arthur Thelwell

Hermann a student

Peter Tracey

Wilhelm a student

Sidney Cross

Hoffmann a poet

George Chitty

Olympia a doll

Estelle Valery

Spalanzani an Italian inventor

Frederick Wood

Cochenille Spalanzani's servant

Edwin Jepps

Coppélius a scientist, Spalanzani's rival

Arthur Wallington

Antonia Crespel's daughter

Estelle Valery

Crespel a councillor of Munich

Donald Campbell

Franz Crespel's servant

Edwin Jepps

Dr Miracle a doctor

Arthur Wallington

Antonia's mother a spirit voice

Julia Bouttell

First Voice on the lagoon

Nancy Creighton

Second Voice on the lagoon

Julia Bouttell

Giulietta a courtesan

Estelle Valery

Schlemil Giulietta's lover

Frederick Wood

Pitichinaccio Giulietta's admirer

Edwin Jepps

Dapertutto a sorcerer

Arthur Wallington

Performance DatesTales of Hoffmann 1956

Map List

Gaumont Theatre | Dundee

27 Oct, 19.00

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