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Gianni Schicchi 1957Sadler's Wells Opera

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This single performance, where the three elements of the Trittico were allocated among three conductors, is the only time when Alexander Gibson conducted Schicchi in Scotland, and a wonderful cast included Denis Dowling in the lead, with David Ward, Harold Blackburn, Peter Glossop, William McAlpine, Thomas Round and Judith Pierce among Buoso’s relatives. Perhaps surprisingly, the Herald is silent on cast identities apart from the title role.

Performance Cast

Zita a cousin of Buoso, aged sixty

Olwen Price

Rinuccio Zita's nephew, aged twenty-four

William McAlpine

Gherardo Buoso's nephew, aged forty

Thomas Round

Nella Gherardo's wife, aged thirty-four

Patricia Bartlett

Gherardino Gherardo's son, aged seven

Sybil Hambleton

Betto di Signa a cousin, age unknown

Harold Blackburn

Simone a cousin, aged seventy

David Ward

Marco Betto's son, aged forty-five

Peter Glossop

La Ciesca Marco's wife, aged thirty-eight

Judith Pierce

Gianni Schicchi aged fifty-one

Denis Dowling

Lauretta Schicchi's daughter, aged twenty-one

Patricia Howard

Maestro Spinelloccio a doctor

Charles Draper

Ser Amantio di Nicolao a notary

Cecil Lloyd

Pinellino a cobbler

Ronald Eddolls

Guccio a dyer

Ian Macpherson

Performance DatesGianni Schicchi 1957

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King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

24 Apr, 19.00

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