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This concert party included the great soprano Luisa Tetrazzini, in what appears to be another extensive tour of the UK, following her triumph in 1909.

In addition to Madame Tetrazzini there was a pair of female soloists, Flora Mann and Lillian (or Lilian) Berger, down to sing vocal duets.  There were also two male vocalists.  In addition to the singers, there was a flautist, Edith Penville, who played her own modern virtuoso music by Cécile Chaminade, as well as Georges Enescu.  But she might also be expected to contribute to one or more of Tetrazzini's items, if only as encores.

The pianist Mabel Moss was there as a virtuoso soloist in her own right, with showpieces by Brahms and Liszt, followed by the extremely modern Debussy - another living composer.

Mr R J Forbes was a well-known pianist and conductor, who would be expected to accompany all the vocalists, as well as the flute music.

Additional Scottish tour dates to be confirmed.

The encores following each of Tetrazzini's solos, as well as others, are still to be confirmed from press reviews.

The published schedule, from a programme in the OperaScotland collection, was:

Part 1

Solo Piano - Brahms: 'Rhapsody in G minor' (MM).

Duet - Delibes: ' Viens, Mallika'  Lakmé (FM & LB).

Song - Coleridge Taylor:  'Eléanore' (FW).

Scena - Verdi:  'Ritorna vincitor'  Aïda (LT).

Solo Flute  - Chaminade:   'Concertino' (EP).

Song  -  Purcell:  'Arise, ye subterranean winds' (WA).

Solo Piano  -  Liszt:  'Hungarian Rhapsody no12' (MM).

Aria  -  Thomas:   'Io son Titania' Mignon (LT).

Part 2

Duet Flute & Piano  -  Georges Enesco:  'Cantabile & Presto' (EP & RJF).

Vocal Duet  -  Lane Wilson:  'Carmena'  (FM & LB).

Song  -  Franz Wagner:   'Ein altes Lied'  (WA).

Song  -  Trad, arr Stevenson:  'The Last Rose of Summer'  (LT).

Song  - Frederick Coote:  'To be near you'  (FW).

Solo Piano  -  Debussy:   'Deux Arabesques'  (MM).

Duet  -  Sarjeant:   'Watchman!  What of the night?'  (FW & WA).

Performance DatesConcert Party 1911

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St Andrew's Hall | Glasgow

18 Oct, 20.00

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