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Mignon 1911Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Cast details are taken from a review in the Edinburgh Evening News (15 March).

According to the reviewer, it "was performed to an audience which crowded the theatre in every part. The leading roles were sustained with great credit. The part of Mignon, of course, claimed the attention of the audience from start to finish. It was in the hands of Miss Doris Woodall, and both vocally and dramatically she realised the possibilities of the part to the full."

"Special praise must be given to the chorus work. The tome was rich and full, and all the choruses were sung with great spirit. The concerted pieces too were given with telling effect, and altogether the performance was delightful. The conductor, Mr Walter Van Noorden, was called on the stage at the end of the second and third acts, and had to bow his acknowledgements."

Performance Cast

Laërte an actor

Henry Beaumont

Frédéric a young nobleman

Phyllis Archibald

Lothario a wandering minstrel

Arthur Winckworth

Wilhelm Meister a student

Walter Wheatley

Philine an actress

Beatrice Miranda

Mignon stolen in childhood

Doris Woodall

Production Cast


Walter van Noorden

Performance DatesMignon 1911

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

14 Mar, 19.30 18 Mar, 14.00

Grand Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

20 Mar, 19.15 25 Mar, 14.00 30 Mar, 19.15

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