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Cast details have been taken from reviews in the Scotsman (19 February) and the Edinburgh Evening News (19 February).

The reviewer in the Edinburgh Evening News said:-

"Delightful to the eye and ear are the performances this season of serious opera by the Carl Rosa Company. Freshness not deadened by familiarity characterises all they have yet done, and last night's presentation of Wagner's early opera, Lohengrin was no exception.  Like his last effort in music drama, Parsifal, this earlier work deals with the doings of the Knights of the Grail. The single silver-armoured knight and the swan of Lohengrin foreshadow the great temple scene of Parsifal and the killing by innocent guilders one of the sacred birds. Lohengrin's address to the swan was last night sung by William Wegener with a peculiarly appropriate purity of tone, almost boylike in character, and his rendering of the whole music of the title role was dignified and beautiful. Again his perfect rendering of the words also calls for remark.  Miss Beatrice Miranda made a sympathetic Elsa in voice, face and hearing.  She was convincingly the young dreamy heroine.

Mr Hebden Foster was successful as Telramund, and his voice told well in the court-yard duet scene.  Good work was also done by Frederick Clendon as the herald, and the music of Ortrud was admirably sung by Miss Sybil Conklin.  The most marked success of the performance, however, be attributed to the conductor, Mr Goossens, who laid out and achieved his climaxes with consummate art."

As for the Scotsman, the reviewer argued "possibly the weak spot in an otherwise excellent performance was  Mr Hebden Foster, as Frederic.  In the first act, his singing was only moderately good, while his articulation was imperfect, and his acting unconvincing.  Later on, though, he improved, and gave, along with Ortrud, a satisfactory performance of the long scene which forms a large part of the second act."

And later " The entire production was under the baton of Mr Eugene Goossens, who must be congratulated on the excellent work done by the orchestra. The overture to the firsst act, built up from a single motive, and the stirring prelude to the third act, were excellently worked out."

Performance Cast

Heinrich Henry the Fowler, King of Germany

Arthur Winckworth

Heerufer Royal Herald

Frederick Clendon

Ortrud Friedrich's wife

Sibyl Conklin

Friedrich von Telramund Count of Brabant

Hebden Foster

Elsa von Brabant sister of the missing Count Gottfried

Beatrice Miranda

Lohengrin a knight

William Wegener

Production Cast


Eugene Goossens II

Performance DatesLohengrin 1914

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

18 Feb, 19.30

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