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Don Giovanni 1955Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The Glasgow Herald (14 May) gave the names of only two artists, doubtless in deference to the verdict on the performance, "disappointing after their performances of the last fortnight. The Mozart score is revealing and needs deft handling from singers and players alike, but this was often absent from last night's performance, which had many ragged edges and loose ends.

The principals were not altogether suited to thei parts and the balance in the ensembles often left much to be desired. Generally the diction was not up to standard,particularly that of Donna Elvira and the peasant Masetto. On the credit side, don giovanni, sung by john Heddle Nash, and Leporello (Stanislav Pieczora) were both convincing, although the former showed a tendency to hurry occasionally, and between them they provided most of the lively moments of the evening.

The sets were effective in ideas and sdesign, if somewhat lacking in substance, but in spite of the date the stage management must take their share of responsibility for protracted scene-waits and some unfortunate incidents of timing.2

Performance Cast

Leporello Giovanni's servant

Stanislav Pieczora

Don Giovanni a young nobleman

John Heddle Nash

Performance DatesDon Giovanni 1955

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

13 May, 19.30

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