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Trouble in Tahiti 2019Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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Bernstein wrote Trouble in Tahiti in 1952, telling the story of a well-off, suburban couple inexplicably alienated from each other, well before the age of social media, mobile phones, computers and everything we take for granted in the 21st century.

It is performed as part of a double bill with Purcell's most popular opera. This production of Dido and Aeneus is a contemporary performance of the classic tale of regal love and the challenges faced by our two eponymous heroes.

Performance Cast

Dinah a suburban wife in her early thirties

Fiona Joice

Trio Tenor

Robin Horgan

Performance DatesTrouble in Tahiti 2019

Map List

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland | Glasgow

2 Mar, 19.15 4 Mar, 19.15 6 Mar, 19.15 8 Mar, 19.15

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