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Silken Ladder 2018Raucous Rossini

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Raucous Rossini make a welcome return with a new production of Scala di seta. This completes their ambitious plan to mount all five of Rossini's delightful early one-act farces. As usual, performances will be given at two Scottish venues, then in Southern England and Italy.

Conducted by Maximilian Fane and directed by Jeanne Pansard-Besson, the artists include Yara Zeitoun, Kieran White, Colin Murray, Sam Jenkins and the Raucous Rossini orchestra.

Glasgow CCA Tickets £14, under 30 £5

Rosslyn Chapel £30 (£20 restricted view)

Performance Cast

Giulia Dormont's ward

Yara Zeitoun

Germano a servant

William Diggle

Lucilla Giulia's cousin

Fiona Joice

Dorvil secretly married to Giulia

Kieran White

Dormont Giulia's guardian

Samuel Jenkins

Blansac a friend of Dorvil

Colin Murray

Performance DatesSilken Ladder 2018

Map List

Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow | Glasgow

29 Jun, 20.15 3 Jul, 20.15

Rosslyn Chapel | Roslin, Midlothian

2 Jul, 20.00

St Mary's | Aldworth, Berkshire

5 Jul, 20.00

Teatro Signorelli | Cortona, Italy

10 Jul, 21.15

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