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Dido and Aeneas 2017Scottish Opera

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Scottish Opera's Connect Company present Purcell's powerful chamber opera. The leading roles are taken by mature professional singers. However the lion's share of the work falls to young performers, musicians and stage managers, aged 15-21, who tell this classic tale with both a nod to the opera's roots and a distinctive 21st century edge.

Performance Cast

Belinda a lady in waiting

Sarah Power

Dido Queen of Carthage

Shuna Scott Sendall

Second Lady

Lorna Murray

Aeneas a Trojan prince

Paul Keohone


Shuna Scott Sendall

Performance DatesDido and Aeneas 2017

Map List

Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock | Greenock

8 Apr, 19.00 9 Apr, 15.30 9 Apr, 19.00

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