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Duke Bluebeard's Castle 1963Hungarian State Opera, Budapest

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The main operatic event of the 1963 Edinburgh Festival was the only visit of the San Carlo company from Naples, with several recognized star performers. Like Britten's English Opera Group, who seemed to appear almost annually at this time, they performed in the cramped and technically out-dated King's Theatre, traditionally the Festival's home for opera. This Scottish premiere of Bartók's one-act piece seems to have largely escaped attention, perhaps because the evening was dominated by the two Bartók ballets that followed it in the programme. The Wooden Prince was every bit as unknown, and if The Miraculous Mandarin had been heard before, it was not exactly a frequent visitor. Both ballets were choreographed by Gyula Harangozó, the Mandarin staging dating back to 1945. In any event, this evening was deemed to be ballet, and was therefore mounted at the Empire Theatre, where opera lovers may have struggled to find it. The four performances also clashed with the Britten visit at the King's. The staging of Bluebeard was in a generally abstract style, with minimal scenery, and the opening of each door represented by a change of lighting.

The conductor János Ferencsík had been the company's music director for many years, and was therefore an appropriate maestro to teach these difficult pieces to the Scottish National Orchestra, in the pit for the occasion. When the company returned to Edinburgh in 1973, they brought their own orchestra, but only one of the ballets (a new staging of Mandarin) to partner the opera, which they performed at the King's.

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Performance Cast

Duke Bluebeard

András Faragó

Judith Bluebeard's new wife

Olga Szönyi

Performance DatesDuke Bluebeard's Castle 1963

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