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Cabinet of Dr Caligari 2016Scottish Opera

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Roll up, roll up! Scottish Opera's Connect Company – young singers and players aged between 14 and 21 – invite you to join them at the carnival. But with danger looming on the horizon, we can't guarantee a safe trip. Based on the 1920s German silent horror film Das Cabinet des Dr Caligari, Scottish Opera's production transports the action to 1890s Glasgow, telling a dark and twisted story where both friends and minds may be lost.

Dr Caligari is a charismatic carnival entertainer who uses a mysterious cabinet to lure in his unsuspecting audiences. Intrigued, friends Francis, Jane and Ellen watch the showman as he reveals the secret of the cabinet. Tragedy soon follows as the trio struggle to avoid their fate – murder, mayhem and descent into madness awaits.

This darkly gothic, steampunk-inspired production takes a journey from Glasgow Green to Gartloch Asylum. Specially written to showcase the skills of talented, young singers and musicians, it is full of colour and moments of comedy, but never far away from the dark story at its core. This is one carnival ride you won't want to miss.

Running time 1 hr 10 mins approximately 


Karen MacIver


Allan Dunn


Julie Brown


Lisa Sangster


Dr Caligari
Andrew McTaggart

Daniel Keating Roberts

Glen Cunningham

Sarah Power


Connect Company


Chris Gray

Head of Singing

Laura Baxter

Performance DatesCabinet of Dr Caligari 2016

Map List

Woodside Halls | Glasgow

9 Apr, 15.30 9 Apr, 19.00 10 Apr, 15.30 10 Apr, 19.00

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