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Over seven years had passed since the first run of Scottish Opera's Fiddler on the Roof production when it was decided to revive it for a Christmas season in Glasgow. It seems extraordinary, given the length of that gap, that most of the previous cast re-assembled - such was the strength of the company system that operated in the industry in those far off days. Even the newcomers were of a high calibre - an established Scottish theatre star like Una McLean appearing along with prominent performers of the future including Clare Shearer, Alan Oke, Alan Watt and Graeme Danby.

Performance Cast

Tevye the milkman

William McCue

Golde Tevye's wife

Una McLean

Tzeitel Tevye's eldest daughter

Clare Shearer

Hodel Tevye's second daughter

Patricia Hay

Chava Tevye's third daughter

Una Buchanan

Shprintze Tevye's fourth daughter

Maria Jagusz

Bielke Tevye's youngest daughter

Rosanne Brackenridge

Yente the matchmaker

Linda Ormiston

Motel the tailor

Alan Oke

Perchik the student

Jay Jackson

Lazar Wolf the butcher

Alan Watt

Mordcha the innkeeper

John Brackenridge


John Robertson

Mandel the Rabbi's son

Thom Irvine

Avram the bookseller

David Morrison

Nachum the beggar

Graeme Danby

Grandma Tzeitel

Elaine MacKillop


Jane Marie O'Brien

Linda Ormiston (Voice)


Norman White


Peter Bodenham

Shandel Motel's mother

Jane Guy


Allan Adams

Performance DatesFiddler on the Roof 1986

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

5 Dec, 19.15 6 Dec, 14.15 6 Dec, 19.15 8 Dec, 19.15 9 Dec, 19.15 10 Dec, 19.15 11 Dec, 19.15 12 Dec, 19.15 13 Dec, 14.15 13 Dec, 19.15 27 Dec, 14.15 27 Dec, 19.15

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