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Oracolo 1994Glasgow Grand Opera Society

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Glasgow Grand approached the end of its distinuished career. The resources available were not on the scale that had been accepted between the wars. However the theatre within the new RSAMD building was a beautiful and intimate auditorium. Purcell's Dido and Aeneas was perhaps not seen as an obvious piece for amateurs, though it was still challenging. Undoubtedly the opera that aroused the greater interest was the second part of the double bill. L'oracolo by Franco Leoni was an unknown work, with a recording made a few years earlier as a final vehicle for the great Tito Gobbi, following in the footsteps of creator Antonio Scotti as Cim-Fen. Perhaps not a masterpiece, but an entertaining chunk of hokum nonetheless.

Performance Cast

Uin-Sci (Win-Shee), a learned doctor

Stewart Scott

Cim-Fen (Chim-Fen), proprietor of a tavern and opium den

Graeme Macphee

Hu-Tsin a rich merchant

Gary Wallis

Ah-Joe (Ah-Yoeh), niece of Hu-Tsin

Frances Newman

Uin-San-Lui Uin-Sci's son

Wynne Evans

Hua-Qui nurse to Hu-Ci, infatuated with Cim-Fen

Beryl Fisher

Hu Ci (Hu Chee), son of Hu Tsin, a child

Jonathan Dickie

Fortune Teller

Angela Jespersen

Performance DatesOracolo 1994

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

9 Apr, 19.15 11 Apr, 19.15 12 Apr, 19.15 13 Apr, 19.15 14 Apr, 19.15 15 Apr, 19.15 16 Apr, 14.15

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