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Nadeshda 1925Dundee Amateur Operatic Society

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Forty years before, when Goring Thomas's second opera had been launched by the Carl Rosa, Scottish performances had only been given in the central belt. The more famous Esmeralda was equally unfamiliar on Tayside, so for the Dundee amateur group to choose Nadeshda shows a great deal of enterprise.

The lighter work played on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday was The Yeomen of the Guard. At this stage, Dundee Operatic did not often do G & S, but it may be that they wanted a clear banker to offset the definite commercial risk presented by mounting such a rarity as the serious element of the week's programme.

Performance Cast

Nadeshda a serf

Gladys Lamond

Princess Natalia

Rosa Macdougald

Ostap a peasant

Mr A B Duncan

Voldemar elder son of the Princess

David C Christie

Ivan younger son of the Princess

Fletcher Perry

Production Cast


David A Christie

Performance DatesNadeshda 1925

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King's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

16 Mar, 19.30 18 Mar, 19.30 20 Mar, 19.30

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