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Zauberflöte 1923British National Opera Company

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The second week of the BNOC's season ended with Otello on Friday, The Magic Flute at the Saturday matinee and Faust in the evening.

When it is now such a commonly staged work, it is difficult to understand that the Flute was quite a rarity at this time. This cast seems a bit mixed, in that the performers of the Queen, Pamina, Papageno and Monostatos are names that we scarcely know of.

However the conductor and the other principals, including Tamino, Sarastro and Speaker, are an exalted bunch. Indeed this trio of ladies alone would have been well worth a detour.

One fascinating feature of the staging is the credit to the company's Technical Director, Oliver P Bernard, described as responsible for the specially designed 'stage settings and lighting effects'. Lots of scene changes are promised, along with fire and water effects for the trials.

The 'special electrical installation and apparatus' was 'entirely manufactured for the BNOC by the Strand Electrical and Engineering Company, Ltd.' It all sounds quite sophisticated for the period.

This Magic Flute cast is taken from a programme in the Mitchell Library.

Performance Cast

Tamino a Prince

Walter Hyde

First Lady in attendance on the Queen

Eda Bennie

Second Lady in attendance on the Queen

May Blyth

Third Lady in attendance on the Queen

Muriel Brunskill

Papageno a bird-catcher

Raymond Ellis

Queen of Night

Gertrude Johnson

Monostatos a servant in the Temple

Seph Jones

Pamina daughter of the Queen of Night

Sarah Fischer

First Boy

Ethel Elmes

Second Boy

Peggy Mitchell

Third Boy

Mollie Street

Speaker at the Temple

Frederic Collier

Sarastro High Priest of Isis and Osiris

William Anderson

First Priest

Frederic Rickett

Second Priest

Philip Bertram

Papagena disguised as an old woman

Doris Lemon

First Armed Man

Frederic Rickett

Second Armed Man

Philip Bertram

Performance DatesZauberflöte 1923

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Nov, 14.00

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