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The week commencing Monday 5 November 1923 was the second week of the BNOC's third visit to the Glasgow Theatre Royal. The programme, largely to be confirmed, included a rare performance of Otello on Thursday, with The Magic Flute, also at the time an uncommon work, on the Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening saw a return to normality with Faust., though even that was said to include a 'special ballet'.

The sets and costumes of both had been inherited from the defunct Beecham company, just as other opera productions had come to Beecham from the earlier Denhof and Quinlan operations.

Frank Mullings was a noted interpreter of Otello and other dramatic roles between the wars. Miriam Licette was an equally established star. Herbert Langley, the Iago, was also a regular with BNOC. The young Welsh tenor Tudor Davies was starting out on his notable career, while the Scottish bass William Anderson was enjoying a long and successful one that had taken him round the world.

Cast details are from a programme in the Mitchell Library.

Performance Cast

Montano predecessor of Otello in Cyprus

Frederic Collier

Cassio Otello's lieutenant

Tudor Davies

Iago Otello's ensign

Herbert Langley

Roderigo a Venetian gentleman

Frederic Rickett

Otello a Moorish general, Venetian Governor of Cyprus

Frank Mullings

Desdemona Otello's wife

Miriam Licette

Emilia Iago's wife and Desdemona's companion

Edith Clegg


Frederic Hitchin

Lodovico envoy of the Venetian republic

William Anderson

Performance DatesOtello 1923

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

9 Nov, 19.00

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