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Orfeo ed Euridice 2015About Turn Theatre Company

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Following last year's critically acclaimed Dido and Aeneas, About Turn moved on to a second short piece from the opposite end of the baroque era.

Gluck's much loved masterpiece was given in a new English version, with soloists, a small chorus of seven, backed by a chamber ensemble of violin (Julia Hamilton), cello (Amy Donaldson) and keyboard (Conal Bembridge-Sayers or James Ewing).

The programme specified that Lucilla Graham, one of the choristers, sang Orpheus 'at certain performances'.

On Saturday 22 August, the part was played by Magid El-Bushra. Our reviewer thought his performance, and that of Olivia Clark as Euridice stood out in what was a thoroughly engaging performance musically.

The production, in a contemporary setting, was enjoyable, though sometimes the visual aspects detracted from the music. Production notes in the programme placed much emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of comatose patients, and a hospital gurney made an appearance. Some of the colourful costumes also caused comment.

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