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Traviata 1979Tayside Opera

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The previous year had seen the company transfer from the 700 seat Whitehall Theatre to the new, lavishly-appointed College of Education venue, with half the seating capacity. A more intimate venue meant full houses, but also an increase in the number of performances, and this week made huge demands on the principals.

John Lawson Graham had many years experience singing with Scottish Opera, and had also been doubling as a staff producer for several seasons. He had not, however, had the opportunity to direct a staging from the start.

Performance DatesTraviata 1979

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College of Education Theatre | Dundee

12 Feb, 19.30 13 Feb, 19.30 14 Feb, 19.30 15 Feb, 19.30 16 Feb, 19.30 17 Feb, 19.30

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