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Lustige Witwe 2005Welsh National Opera

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In prospect this staging seemed very promising, but somehow it didn’t quite work. The production team have an excellent record in a wide range of operas in Britain. The success of their Scottish staging of La Belle Hélène should have been a positive indicator of their light touch with operetta. But this Widow all seemed a bit flat, especially when compared to the delightful Carl Rosa staging seen in Glasgow a few months earlier. Tracey Welborn and Jeffrey Black were in poor vocal form on the night reviewed. While Lesley Garrett (never known in Scotland for her operatic work) and Ailish Tynan, an attractive Valencienne, were both better, much credit belonged to the familiar Scottish double act of Donald Maxwell and Linda Ormiston. Geoffrey Dolton, unaccountably, had not worked in Scotland for several years, and his beautifully timed Njegus also helped the performance along.

Performance Cast

Baron Mirko Zeta Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris

Donald Maxwell

Valencienne Zeta's wife

Ailish Tynan

Count Danilo Danilowitsch Secretary to the legation, reserve cavalry lieutenant

Jeffrey Black

Hanna Glawari a wealthy young widow

Lesley Garrett

Camille de Rosillon

Tracey Welborn

Vicomte Cascada

Howard Kirk

Raoul de St Brioche

Michael Clifton-Thompson

Bogdanowitsch Pontevedrian Consul

Julian Boyce

Sylviane wife of Bogdanowitsch

Fiona Harrison

Kromow Counsellor to the Pontevedrian legation

Simon Curtis

Olga wife of Kromow

Helen Greenaway

Pritschitsch retired Pontevedrian colonel, Military Attaché

John King

Praskowia wife of Pritschitsch

Linda Ormiston

Njegus Chancery Clerk at the Embassy

Geoffrey Dolton

Lo-Lo a grisette

Amanda Baldwin

Do-Do a grisette

Daniella Ehrlich

Jou-Jou a grisette

Paula Bradbury

Frou-Frou a grisette

Anitra Blaxhall

Clo-Clo a grisette

Neda Bizzarri

Margot a grisette

Rosie Hay

Performance DatesLustige Witwe 2005

Map List

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

12 Oct, 19.15 14 Oct, 19.15

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