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Lohengrin 1929Covent Garden Opera

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Eugene Goossens first conducted Lohengrin in Scotland with the Carl Rosa thirty years before this - and doesn't seem to have done it since. These singers were still relatively inexperienced at major Wagner parts, with Bernard Ross, especially, being given an unusually important role as Telramund.

This programme, in the Edinburgh City Library collection, like most documents of the time, does not give details of the four Pages or the four Noblemen, but it does mention the child, Duke Gottfried, young brother of Elsa, who, having spent the opera as a swan, is only restored to human form at the very end, and was played by Maud Stevens, a mime artist.

Performance Cast

Heerufer Royal Herald

Arsène Kirillov

Heinrich Henry the Fowler, King of Germany

Richard Watson

Friedrich von Telramund Count of Brabant

Bernard Ross

Ortrud Friedrich's wife

Constance Willis

Elsa von Brabant sister of the missing Count Gottfried

Marjorie Parry

Lohengrin a knight

Parry Jones

Performance DatesLohengrin 1929

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

2 Nov, 14.00

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