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By the autumn of 1929 the transformation of the insolvent BNOC into a new Covent Garden Opera had taken place, with touring continuing immediately. This Falstaff is almost identical to the cast that the previous company had brought north in 1927. The main change was the arrival of the deep-toned contralto and expert comic Gladys Parr as Quickly, allowing Constance Willis to switch to Meg in place of Gladys Ancrum, who had moved on.

Cast details from a programme in Edinburgh City Library.

Performance Cast

Sir John Falstaff a knight

Arthur Fear

Pistola Pistol, a follower of Falstaff

Bernard Ross

Bardolfo Bardolph, a follower of Falstaff

Frederick Davies

Caius Dr Caius, a Frenchman

Octave Dua

Meg Mistress Page

Constance Willis

Alice Mistress Alice Ford, wife of Ford

Marjorie Parry

Nannetta daughter of the Fords

Doris Lemon

Quickly Mistress Quickly, a confidante of Alice and Meg

Gladys Parr

Ford a merchant of Windsor

Percy Heming

Fenton a young gentleman

Heddle Nash

Robin Falstaff's page

Barbara Nelson

Performance DatesFalstaff 1929

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

25 Oct, 19.30

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