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Aïda 1926British National Opera Company

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Once it reached these shores, Aïda quickly became a popular favourite in Britain, appearing in the schedules of several touring companies. BNOC seem to have been able to field varied casts using mainly British singers (the American Rachel Morton being a notable exception).

This cast is from a programme in the Edinburgh Room of Edinburgh City Library. The soprano singing the off-stage Priestess in Act 2 is not identified.

Performance Cast

Ramfis High Priest

Norman Allin

Radamès Captain of the Guard

Frank Mullings

Amneris daughter of the King of Egypt

Muriel Brunskill

Aïda an Ethiopian slave

Rachel Morton

King of Egypt

William Anderson


Liddell Peddieson

Amonasro King of Ethiopia and father of Aïda

William Michael


Olive Joyner

Performance DatesAïda 1926

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

22 Oct, 19.00

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