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Dream of Gerontius 1921Dundee Amateur Choral Union

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Dundee Choral Union had been enjoying  rehearsals for the local premiere of Elgar's great oratorio in the summer of 1914. The outbreak of war brought proceedings to a halt. Order was eventually restored, and for the inauguration of the packed out Caird Hall, the city's first performance of Gerontius was at last given.

The Choral assembled a notable trio of soloists, even after some necessary changes. In 1921, as in 1914, the tenor booked for the lead had been the great Gervase Elwes. His tragic death, dragged under a train in Boston while on tour in the USA, necessitated a change.

He was replaced by the veteran John Coates, a noted Wagnerian both in Britain and, before the war, in Germany. Two nights before the concert he had sung Lohengrin in London.

The bass was also a short notice substitute, as the originally announced star, Norman Allin, was ill. Only Phyllis Lett appeared as scheduled.

Performance DatesDream of Gerontius 1921

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Caird Hall | Dundee

18 Nov, 19.30

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