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Dante and Beatrice 1918Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Philpot's operatic treatment of the most important element in the early life of Dante must have seemed an attractive proposition at its launch in 1889. After all, the pre-Raphaelites were still popular, and, led by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, they adored the work of Dante. The Aesthetic movement still survived, despite the successful attack by Gilbert and Sullivan with Patience. And the composer was even younger than the poet had been when driven to distraction by his adoration of the lovely Beatrice.

The work's topicality must have seemed far less pronounced at its first (only) major revival in 1918. Though the Carl Rosa toured it widely for a couple of years, it didn't catch on. Coupling such a rarity with the nearly ontemporary, but far more popular, modern and dramatic Pagliacci can hardly have helped its cause.

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Arthur Delmotte

Performance DatesDante and Beatrice 1918

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Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

11 Jul, 00.00

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