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Pagliacci 1910Castellano Grand Italian Opera

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The Pagliacci that followed Cav on this tour seems to have been equally successful, with Defral and Barbato singing in both pieces. The baritone Vail also sang twice in Aberdeen, though only in the second 'half' in Dundee.

The Dundee Advertiser eas impressed by all the principals but made it clear the audience went in particular for the tenor - 'Signor Barbato of the big voice was the Turiddu and the Canio.  The magnificent upper range of his voice was as effective as on Monday (as Manrico).  At the close of the first act of Pagliacci, when the curtain had fallen just after the singing of “Vesti la giubba,” so enthusiastic was the applause that, after a triple recall, the curtain was once more raised and Signor Barbato repeated the number.  In our fairly lengthy operatic experience this occurrence is unique.  But this is not the only new and exhilarating thing observed this week.'

Cast details are from a programme in Aberdeen City Library, confirmed by reviews in the Dundee Advertiser and Courier & Argus.

Performance Cast

Tonio a player

Signor Vail

Canio leader of the players

Signor Barbato

Nedda Canio's wife

Signora Defral

Beppe a player

Signor G Barterra

Silvio a villager

Signor Antonini

Performance DatesPagliacci 1910

Map List

His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

19 Oct, 19.30

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

26 Oct, 19.30

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