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Götterdämmerung 1910Denhof Opera Company

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The first Ring cycles in Britain outside London duly reached their triumphant conclusion with the first Scottish appearance of Götterdämmerung. Notable features of the casting include a highly-regarded Scottish tenor completing his interpretation of Siegfried, had also sung Siegmund. His wife, Florence Easton, also making a living in Germany, was Gutrune, having earlier sung Freia and Sieglinde. Agnes Nicholls sang all three Brünnhildes, and Frederic Austin added Gunther to an already heavy week in which he had sung Wotan.

Edna Thornton sang the lowest voiced Norn and Rhinemaiden, and in the second cycle also performed Waltraute. If anything more surprising was the versatility of Caroline Hatchard in taking the mezzo role of Second Norn a few hours before the lighter soprano part of the highest Rhinemaiden. Mind you, Kate Anderson repeated this feat in the 1911 cycles, so perhaps it was thought less unusual then than it would seem now. Voice types do alter with the years.

For the whole cycle, the Scottish Orchestra was augmented to 82 instrumentalists by members of the Covent Garden Orchestra, who had learned the Ring for performance in London in 1908 and 1909. The leader was Henri Verbrugghen.

The Chorus required for Götterdämmerung was recruited from members of the Edinburgh Choral Union, Mr Kirkhope's Choir, Mr Moonie's Choir, and the Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company.

The cast is taken from a copy of the programme in the NLS collection.

Performance Cast

First Norn

Edna Thornton

Second Norn

Caroline Hatchard

Third Norn

Alice Prowse

Brünnhilde Siegfried's lover

Agnes Nicholls


Francis Maclennan

Gunther a Gibichung

Frederic Austin

Hagen son of Alberich

Charles Knowles

Gutrune a Gibichung, Gunther's sister

Florence Easton

Waltraute a Valkyrie, Brünnhilde's sister

Marie Alexander (Mar 5)

Edna Thornton (Mar 12)

Alberich a Nibelung

Thomas Meux

Woglinde a Rhinemaiden

Caroline Hatchard

Wellgunde a Rhinemaiden

Lilian Coomber

Flosshilde a Rhinemaiden

Edna Thornton

Performance DatesGötterdämmerung 1910

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

5 Mar, 13.30 12 Mar, 13.30

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