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Until this highly ambitious production of two performances of the Ring, Das Rheingold had not been heard in Scotland - indeed the entire cycle had not been given outside London, and only there as recently as 1908. It is clear that no effort or expense was spared in the preparations. The Scottish Orchestra was recruited, and reinforced with additional players from London. Sets, costumes and stage machinery were specially ordered from Germany. The conductor, Michael Balling, had recently conducted the Ring at Bayreuth. Most of the singers were at the top of their profession, and several of them had participated in those 1908 cycles at Covent Garden. Taken overall, the standard of performance was agreed to be excellent.

Seat prices for the cycle ranged from £4 4/- for the Dress Circle down to £1 for the seats at the back of the Gallery. Individual evenings simply cost one quarter of that. Boxes were still in those days highly sought after, and a Grand Tier Box for one cycle was priced at £25 4/-. The Third Tier Boxes, with a bird's eye view of the auditorium, but none at all of the stage, cost £8 8/-

Cast details are compiled from reviews in the Scotsman and Aberdeen Daily Journal on 1 March.

Performance Cast

Woglinde a Rhinemaiden

Caroline Hatchard

Wellgunde a Rhinemaiden

Lilian Coomber

Flosshilde a Rhinemaiden

Edna Thornton

Alberich a Nibelung

Thomas Meux

Wotan leader of the gods

Frederic Austin

Fricka wife of Wotan and goddess of marriage

Marie Alexander

Freia sister of Fricka and goddess of love and spring

Florence Easton

Fasolt a giant

Robert Radford

Fafner a giant

Francis Harford

Froh god of joy and youth

William Boland

Donner god of thunder

Charles Knowles

Loge god of fire and cunning

Charles Hedmondt

Mime a Nibelung, Alberich's brother

Sydney Russell

Erda goddess of earth and wisdom

Edna Thornton

Performance DatesRheingold 1910

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

28 Feb, 19.30 7 Mar, 19.30

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