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Land of Smiles 1961Sadler's Wells Opera

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A couple of seasons after the huge popularity of The Merry Widow, Sadler's Wells followed it with a later piece by Lehár, and with an almost equal success. The director was, again, Charles Hickman, a veteran of West End productions. Less well known at this stage, was the young choreographer Peter Darrell. Almost a decade later, in 1969, his company, Western Theatre Ballet, would relocate to Glasgow, where, as Scottish Ballet, it would continue to thrive, even surviving his sadly early death.

This time, the spectacular designs almost stole the show, though that would have been difficult with Ronald Dowd in the part created by Tauber, with his hit song 'You are my heart's delight' (or in this translation, 'Love, let me dream again'). It was his habit to repeat the piece after the curtain-calls, to the great delight of the packed audiences.

Performance DatesLand of Smiles 1961

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

27 Apr, 19.30 29 Apr, 14.30

Gaumont Theatre | Dundee

5 May, 19.30 6 May, 14.30

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