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Patience 1914D'Oyly Carte Opera Company

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This Scottish tour began with a week in Edinburgh from 3 August, followed by two weeks in Glasgow from 10 August. A week in Aberdeen followed, starting  24 August. The Dundee week commencing Monday 31 August was the final leg. As usual the main D'Oyly Carte touring company had visited the four cities with commercially successful results. Clearly, with war breaking out during the course of the tour, it would be expected that audiences were in need of cheering up.

The repertoire for the week was Monday The Gondoliers; Tuesday The Mikado; Wednesday Patience, Thursday Princess Ida; Friday The Yeomen of the Guard; Saturday mat Iolanthe; and eve The Mikado again.

The Dundee Advertiser critic, having reviewed Gondoliers and Mikado, chose to give Patience a miss. His next two evenings were more serious - Princess Ida and Yeomen of the Guard. Critics rarely went to the theatre on a Saturday, since the company would generally be on its way on Sunday morning, so Iolanthe and the repeat of Mikado were also missed.

Further tour dates to be confirmed.

Performance Cast

Lady Jane a rapturous maiden

Louie René

Reginald Bunthorne a Fleshly Poet

Henry Lytton

Archibald Grosvenor an Idyllic Poet

Fred Billington

Production Cast


Walter Hann

Performance DatesPatience 1914

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

2 Sep, 19.30

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