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Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1912Denhof Opera Company

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This was the third season of the Edinburgh-based Denhof company, and shows increasing ambition of repertoire and of touring dates. The season had opened in Hull before touring to Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  The Manchester week, commencing 4 March 1912, had the following programme: Mon Mastersingers; Tue Orpheus and Euridice; Wed Tristan and Isolde; Thu Elektra (local premiere); Fri Flying Dutchman; Sat mat Elektra; Sat eve Mastersingers.

Herr Denhof did not believe in doing things by halves. In order to provide appropriate aural and visual impact, the numbers in the massed choirs were boosted to 100 by the importation of members of the Leeds Choral Union. This must at least have provided enough volume of sound in the intimate Lyceum to compete with memories of the previous afternoon's Elektra (in which this Eva had sung the title role). The company also advertised an Orchestra of 65 and Ballet troupe of 24, though these last may only have appeared in the Gluck.

This cast was unusual in that the Eva and Walther were sung by a real husband-and-wife pairing, resident, for the time being at least, in Berlin.

The casts for Edinburgh are as shown in a programme in the Weir collection at the National Library of Scotland, for Manchester in a poster for the week in Manchester City Library. The cast for the last night in Hull is from a programme in the Godfrey Hardman Collection at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow.

Performance Cast

Walther von Stolzing a young knight

Francis Maclennan

Eva daughter of Pogner

Alice Wilna (Mar 2)

Florence Easton (Mar 4, 9; Apr 4, 6)

Magdalene Eva's nurse

Edith Clegg (Apr 4)

Toni Seiter (Mar 4, 9; Apr 6)

David apprentice to Sachs

Maurice D' Oisly

Hans Sachs a shoemaker

Frederic Austin (Mar 4; Apr 6)

Frederick Ranalow (Mar 9; Apr 4)

Veit Pogner a goldsmith

Albert Chapman

Sixtus Beckmesser town clerk

Charles Victor (Mar 4, 9; Apr 4)

Julian Henry (Apr 6)

Fritz Kothner a baker

Charles Knowles

Konrad Nachtigall a tinsmith

Thomas Creegan

Balthasar Zorn a pewterer

Jacques Skrobisch

Ulrich Eisslinger a grocer

Alton Stuart

Kunz Vogelgesang a furrier

Furness Williams

Augustin Moser a tailor

Bindon Ayres

Hans Foltz a coppersmith

Mr C K Parsons

Hermann Ortel a soap-boiler

Joseph Ireland

Hans Schwarz a stocking-weaver

Gaston Sargeant


Gaston Sargeant

Performance DatesMastersingers of Nuremberg 1912

Map List

Grand Theatre, Hull | Hull

26 Feb, 18.30 2 Mar, 18.30

Theatre Royal, Manchester | Manchester

4 Mar, 18.30 9 Mar, 18.30

Shakespeare Theatre | Liverpool

14 Mar, 18.30 16 Mar, 18.30

Theatre Royal, Leeds | Leeds

18 Mar, 18.30 23 Mar, 18.30

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

28 Mar, 18.30 30 Mar, 18.30

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

4 Apr, 18.00 6 Apr, 18.00

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