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Coffee Cantata 1925British National Opera Company

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In an age when the works of Bach were far less familiar than they are now, this may have been the first appearance in Scotland of this charming little baroque entertainment. Performed under the title Coffee and Cupid, this brief curtain-raiser was described as 'arranged from Bach's Coffee Cantata'. The original orchestration by Percy Pitt was not the only radical change. The Narrator, or 'Historicus' in the original, becomes a more conventional figure, - Hans, Lieschen's lover. Additional parts are found for a maid (Frances Frost), two notaries (Frank Le Pla and Harold Wilton) and a single chorus member (Liddell Peddieson).

Quite how it worked as a prelude to Rimsky-Korsakov's satirical pantomime The Golden Cockerel is hard to imagine.

Performance Cast

Historicus Narrator

Steuart Wilson

Herr Schlendrian

Norman Allin

Lieschen Schlendrian's daughter

Kathlyn Hilliard

Performance DatesCoffee Cantata 1925

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

6 Oct, 19.30

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

16 Oct, 19.30

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