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Puritani 1960Glyndebourne Festival Opera

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Glyndebourne’s last visit to the Festival was notable for the first Scottish appearance by Joan Sutherland after her rise to stardom. One of the earlier performances in Sussex, with the same cast, was recorded, and appeared for the first time on CD in 2011, so we can hear just how good the production was.

Performance Cast

Elvira daughter of Lord Walton

Joan Sutherland

Bruno Sir Bruno Roberton, a Puritan officer

John Kentish

Lord Gualtiero Valton Lord Walter Walton, a Puritan and Governor General

David Ward

Riccardo Sir Richard Forth, a Puritan colonel

Ernest Blanc

Giorgio Sir George Walton, Lord Walton's brother, a retired Puritan colonel

Giuseppe Modesti

Enrichetta Queen Henrietta Maria, widow of Charles I

Monica Sinclair

Arturo Talbo Lord Arthur Talbot, a Royalist

Nicola Filacuridi

Performance DatesPuritani 1960

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

24 Aug, 19.00 26 Aug, 19.00 31 Aug, 19.00 3 Sep, 19.00 8 Sep, 19.00 10 Sep, 19.00

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