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Fra Diavolo 1870Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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Auber's deft little comedy is so well put together that it seems surprising that it has slipped from the repertoire in recent decades. Throughout the nineteenth century, however, it remained quite a popular favourite.

Performance Cast

Fra Diavolo a bandit chief

William Parkinson

Lord Cockburn a British tourist

Henry Corri

Lady Pamela Cockburn

Fanny Harrison

Matteo an innkeeper

Mr C M Blythe

Lorenzo an officer of carabiniers

John Manley

Zerlina Matteo's daughter

Maud Manley

Giacomo a bandit

Haydn Corri

Beppo a bandit

Mr Baildon

Performance DatesFra Diavolo 1870

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

29 Mar, 19.30

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