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Lurline 1870Corri's Grand English Opera Company

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Lurline was one of the most successful of the new works launched by the Pyne-Harrison company. Henry Corri had worked with them regularly over a number of years, and Zelieck was one of a succession of roles he created. The performance on 1 April was selected by him for his benefit, which shows a degree of confidence in the audience's willingness to trust his judgment and cough up the cash.

Further performances to be added.

Performance Cast

Lurline a Nymph, Rhineberg's daughter

Ida Gilliess

Ghiva the Baron's daughter

Fanny Harrison

Liba a Spirit of the Rhine

Emma Millar

Count Rudolph a young nobleman

William Parkinson

Guilhelm Rupert's friend

Charles Ellison

Rhineberg the River King

Haydn Corri

Baron Truenfels

Mr C M Blythe

Zelieck a Gnome, Rhineberg's slave

Henry Corri

Production Cast


John Pew

Performance DatesLurline 1870

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

18 Mar, 19.30 1 Apr, 19.30

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