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Utopia Limited 1894Mr R D'Oyly Carte's Touring Company

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This small-scale company touring less metropolitan venues was entirely typical of how D'Oyly Carte's management style spread his famous product round the nation. This involved soloists augmenting the small chorus as required, and piano accompaniment. The tour visited some major venues, such as the new theatre in Paisley and the City Hall in Perth (before neighbouring Dundee or Aberdeen, with their modern No1 touring theatres, had seen the full-scale production). It also included single or two night viisits to smaller communities such as Peterhead, Montrose and Cupar. Settings were inevitably much simpler than those prepared for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

As with similar ventures operated today by Scottish Opera, the company frequently featured young artists who were tried out in what must have been stressful touring conditions, even with the wonderful railway network that had been attained by the last decade of the century. Of this cast, the names W H Leon and Louie René represent young artists who quickly graduated to prominent stage careers.

Cast and performance details assembled from Glasgow Herald, Dundee Courier and Aberdeen Journal. No doubt there are further dates to be established.

Performance Cast

Princess Nekaya Second Daughter of King Paramount

Alice Pennington

Princess Kalyba Youngest Daughter of King Paramount

Millicent Pyne

Bessie Graves (Nov 10)

Phylla a Utopian Maiden

Edith Quarry

Scaphio a Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Mr W H Leon

Phantis a Judge of the Utopian Supreme Court

Buchanan Wake

Tarara the Public Exploder

Mr J H Poskit

Calynx the Utopian Vice-Chamberlain

Mr S Wilson

Lady Sophy an English Gouvernante

Louie René

King Paramount the First King of Utopia

Frank Danby

Princess Zara Eldest Daughter of King Paramount

Marion Grey

Captain FitzBattleaxe First Life Guards

Herbert Ralland

Mr Gater (Oct 15)

Lord Dramaleigh a British Lord Chamberlain

Walter Rose

Mr Goldbury a Company Promoter, later Comptroller of Utopian Household

Mr H A Peterkin

Captain Sir Edward Corcoran, KCB of the Royal Navy

Mr L C Thorburn

Sir Bailey Barre, QC, MP a Barrister and Politician

Avon Hastings

Mr Blushington of the County Council

Mr G Paulton

Production Cast

Conductor & Pianist

Mr J Relf

Performance DatesUtopia Limited 1894

Map List

Paisley Theatre | Paisley

1 Oct, 19.30

City Hall, Perth | Perth

15 Oct, 19.30

Music Hall, Peterhead | Peterhead, Aberdeenshire

29 Oct, 19.30

Assembly Hall, Montrose | Montrose

30 Oct, 19.30 31 Oct, 19.30

Corn Exchange, Cupar | Cupar, Fife

10 Nov, 19.30

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