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Waterman 1838Edinburgh Theatre Royal Company

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Dibdin's ever-popular operetta was chosen by the Theatre Royal management as an appropriate curtain-raiser for the new pantomime Prometheus and Pandora. There was also a new Extravaganza called Dominique.

As was usual with these little ballad operas, a number of popular songs were added. Miss Hyland, as the heroine, was down to sing 'a favourite ballad' and it is hard to believe she would not have performed Tom Bowling at some stage of the proceedings. Meantime, Mr Barker, as our hero, was to regale the audience with such popular national songs as Ye Mariners of England, Then Farewell My Trim Built Wherry, The Jolly Young Waterman, and The Bay of Biscay. These would no doubt have warmed up the audience and perhaps have got them to join in.

Storace's No Song, No Supper served the same purpose later in the week.

Performance DatesWaterman 1838

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Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

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