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Dr Quimpugh's Compendium of Peculiar Afflictions 2012Petersham Playhouse

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This intriguingly titled new chamber opera was given a late afternoon run on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in an excellent venue - the main hall of the old Dick veterinary college on the eastern fringe of the Meadows. A spacious room with 180 or so seats, its only drawback was the oppressive heat, largely due to the battery of lights inevitably used in a succession of different shows in the auditorium.

The performances of all three singers were excellent, both nurses having to portray a range of patients, while the doctor alternated between his active professional self and his geriatric later one. The piano trio of Amy Heggart (violin), Marta Tobar (cello) and Martin Jacoby (piano) were placed at the side of the stage and gave a very good account of the atmospheric and neatly-orchestrated score.

Running time is approximately one hour and ten minutes.  Tickets are £12  (£10 C; £40 F)

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