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Queen of Spades 1986Maly Theatre, Leningrad

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In the Soviet era, the Bolshoi and Kirov companies were regular visitors to London, but never to Scotland - there was no theatre that could accommodate them. The first Soviet opera company to visit the Edinburgh Festival was therefore Leningrad's second company, the Maly. They brought three works - solidly traditional versions of Eugene Onegin and The Queen of Spades, and a recent work by Sergei Slonimsky, based on the life of Maria Stuart. All were directed by Stanislav Gaudasinsky, who was appointed to direct the company in 1980.

It was The Queen of Spades that seemed to represent them at their best. The two mezzos, Irina Bogachova, from the Kirov, and Nina Romanova, were particularly good and they also oappeared in Onegin. It was effective and dramatic, even if the staging seemed rather old-fashioned.

Performance Cast

Hermann a young officer

Anatoly Kapustin

Count Tomsky an officer

Alexandr Nyenadovsky

Tchekalinsky an officer

V A Naparin

Surin an officer

S A Safenin

Tchaplitsky a gambler

V N Lukyanov

Narumov a gambler

V I Yushmanov

Prince Yeletsky

Nikolai Kopilov


Irina Bogachova

Lisa the Countess's grand-daughter

Valentina Yusvenko (Aug 18)

Lyudmila Sirenko (Aug 23)

Pauline Lisa's companion

Nina Romanova

Governess to Lisa

M V Kuznetsova

Masha Lisa's maid

Svetlana Volkova

Master of Ceremonies

V P Korzhensky

Plutus Zlatagor in the masque

Vladimir Pankratov

Daphnis Milovzor in the masque

Olga Korzhenskaya

Chloe Prilepa in the masque

Yelena Ustinova (Aug 18)

T G Cherkasova (Aug 23)

Performance DatesQueen of Spades 1986

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

18 Aug, 19.30 23 Aug, 19.30

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