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The first production of Full Circle had only had three performances in Perth. This new staging had opened with a couple of performances during the Christmas season in Edinburgh (teamed with The Soldier's Tale). It was revived for seven performances in the spring season (this being a joint season with Scottish Theatre Ballet, it was now teamed with two ballets, a new work, Breakaway, by Gillian Lynne, and a Danish classic from 1856, Bournonville's La Ventana). Three of these performances were matinees. A final batch of ten performances of Full Circle appeared at the Festival Fringe in a late-night double bill with a second work sponsored and televised by STV, a ribald comedy by John Purser, The Undertaker, which was deliberately commissioned as a companion-piece. Many of the roles had been recast since the premiere, but William Elvin and Sheila McGrow remained central to its success.

Performance DatesFull Circle 1969

Map List

Perth Theatre | Perth

9 Apr, 14.00 9 Apr, 19.00

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

5 May, 19.00 8 May, 14.00 8 May, 19.00

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

21 May, 14.00 21 May, 19.00 22 May, 14.00

Gateway Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

1 Sep, 22.15 2 Sep, 22.15 3 Sep, 22.15 4 Sep, 22.15 5 Sep, 22.15 6 Sep, 22.15 8 Sep, 22.15 9 Sep, 22.15 10 Sep, 22.15 11 Sep, 22.15

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