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Hansel and Gretel 1895Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Hansel and Gretel was one of those operas first brought to the UK by the Carl Rosa Opera Company.  The Company spent four weeks in Scotland in April and May (one week in Glasgow, one in Aberdeen and two in Edinburgh), during which they presented the opera nine times. This was within six months of its first performance in London, and under eighteen months since the Weimar premiere - this guaranteed audience pleaser was a popular success right from the start.  Three times it was paired with Pagliacci (April 24, May 8 and May 17) and five times with Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne (Apr 26, May 1, May 4, May 11 and May 14).  Once it was given on its own (Apr 25) - a matinee when children would perhaps have found one work sufficient as a day's entertainment.

When the opera was revived that autumn, the new coupling seems perhaps more appropriate - Mendelssohn's youthful one-act comedy Son and Stranger, an unjustly neglected piece.

The casts shown below are for the Glasgow opening in April and for the Edinburgh performance in November (programme in NLS). A programme for 9 November is preserved in the Mitchell Library.  Leo Feld is not listed among the conductors for the autumn tour.

Performance Cast


Marie Linck (Apr 24)

Frances Graham (Nov 9, 20)


Minnie Hunt

Gertrude mother of Hansel and Gretel

Lily Heenan

Peter a broom maker and father of Hansel and Gretel

Homer Lind


Eleanor Harwood

Dew Fairy

Alice Barth (Apr 24)

Lillie Williams (Nov 20)


Luise Meisslinger (Apr 24)

Julia Lennox (Nov 9, 20)

Performance DatesHansel and Gretel 1895

Map List

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

24 Apr, 19.00 25 Apr, 14.00 26 Apr, 19.00

Her Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

1 May, 00.00 4 May, 14.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

8 May, 00.00 11 May, 14.00 14 May, 00.00 17 May, 14.00

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

5 Nov, 00.00 9 Nov, 14.00

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