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Lustige Witwe 1959Sadler's Wells Opera

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An immediate return for this very successful staging, which quickly sparked a whole series of operetta productions in the subsequent decade. The cast was almost entirely new.

Performance Cast

Baron Mirko Zeta Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris

Leon Greene

Valencienne Zeta's wife

Marion Lowe

Barbara Howitt

Count Danilo Danilowitsch Secretary to the legation, reserve cavalry lieutenant

John Larsen

John Hargreaves

Hanna Glawari a wealthy young widow

Joyce Blackham

Marion Lowe

Camille de Rosillon

Brychan Powell

Vicomte Cascada

Joseph Ward

Raoul de St Brioche

Edwin Jepps

Bogdanowitsch Pontevedrian Consul

Jon Weaving

Sylviane wife of Bogdanowitsch

Celine Murphy

Kromow Counsellor to the Pontevedrian legation

Robert Eddie

Olga wife of Kromow

Lily Gribbin

Pritschitsch retired Pontevedrian colonel, Military Attaché

Alfred Oldridge

Praskowia wife of Pritschitsch

Sheila Rex

Njegus Chancery Clerk at the Embassy

Kevin Miller

Lo-Lo a grisette

Cynthia Morey

Do-Do a grisette

June Johnstone

Jou-Jou a grisette

Beryl Cornish

Frou-Frou a grisette

Lily Gribbin

Clo-Clo a grisette

Celine Murphy

Margot a grisette

Suzanne Steele

Performance DatesLustige Witwe 1959

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

20 Apr, 19.30 25 Apr, 14.00

Gaumont Theatre | Dundee

27 Apr, 19.30 2 May, 14.30

King's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

4 May, 19.00 9 May, 14.00

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