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Lily of Killarney 1917O'Mara Grand Opera Company

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Sir Julius Benedict's most successful work had never quite equalled the popularity of Maritana or The Bohemian Girl, and once the war ended it would steadily fade from sight. Here, however, it still made a popular piece of easy listening for an audience (and orchestra) that had faced the challenge of Tristan a couple of nights earlier. This was the only outing the piece had on the two-week long visit (Aberdeen followed by Dundee). Nor was it revived on the Autumn tour to Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Cast as advertised.

Performance Cast

Eily O'Connor the Colleen Bawn

Jean Gibson

Hardress Cregan secretly married to Eily

Henry O'Dempsey

Mrs Cregan Hardress's mother

Irene Ainsley

Squire Corrigan holder of a mortgage on the Cregan lands

Joseph Griffin

Myles na Coppaleen in love with Eily

Joseph O'Mara

Danny Mann a boatman, devoted to Hardress

Flintoff Moore

Performance DatesLily of Killarney 1917

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

31 Mar, 19.00

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